We are a kitchen supplier that manufactures hand-built kitchen frames and drawers in solid pine. Our kitchen cabinets have their origins in the Swedish kitchens of the 1930's-1960's. We believe in solid wood material that can withstand multiple renovations and that offer long-term sustainable solutions that children and grandchildren can inherit.

We mainly supply our kitchens to private consumers, but have recently also worked with property owners, management companies and architectural offices.


Funkiskök is a small kitchen manufacturer that builds kitchens by hand in an efficient production environment. Some of us only work with project management and designing kitchens. We have extensive knowledge of building conservation and the expression of functionalism. As a result of having worked with kitchens for many years we're able to handle larger requests and 3rd party storage solutions. Our carpentry shop is here in Skåne and we work with Swedish suppliers as much as possible. This is how we maintain our love for our creations and our jobs.

It feels obvious to us to continue to progress in this tradition of quality kitchen construction. With small adjustments and updates, we have continued to develop our Original system and made it part of our production that we love. In order to carry these ideas forward and also adapt our cabinets to an even larger architectural scope, we have developed two new systems, Modul and Modern. Several of our customers have chosen to work with the Modul system in their new productions.


There was an enduring movement in property development that took root during a very expansive time in Swedish history. Functionalism extends from the 1930s to the early 1960s. An architecture that brought many revolutionary steps in modern housing construction for a growing population. Kitchens came to play a major role in this innovation and for the first time proper research was done on accessibility and function in our kitchen environments. The first large kitchen factories saw the light of day. Almost all kitchens were built in solid pine. We strive to keep it that way.

Many of the kitchens from this era are still alive. 70 years, and a variety of tenants, have not managed to wear out these kitchen interiors. Despite the 60s and 70s with their bold fashion swings in both color and form, they live on. This is what we call quality and a sustainable solution.

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