We are a kitchen supplier that manufactures hand-built kitchen frames and drawers in solid pine. Our kitchen cabinets are manufactured in fixed standard dimensions and has its origins in the Swedish tradition of kitchen manufacturing from the 30's and 60's. We Believe in solid materials that can withstand multiple renovations and can be used by many. Our production is located in Skåne and we attach great importance to sustainable material choices and subcontractors who work actively with sustainability. The kitchens are built by hand, but with the help of modern machines that streamline parts of the production so that we can meet even major projects.

Our knowledge of building conservation and kitchen history, together with our three different kitchen series, allows us to offer kitchen solutions that fit into most types of properties. Be it classic 20th century, functionalist, or a more modern house, you can always find a solution among our standard modules.

We advocate reusing as much as possible and can also offer partial renovations where some elements in the existing kitchens can be retained.

If you want to know more about how we work, or want to discuss a project, please email