Installation dimensions fridge and freezer:
Max height 1840 mm.
Max width 560 mm.
Sliding rail, sliding door.
Lower panel dimensions: Original/Modern H 712 mm B 572 mm.
Modul: H 696 mm B 596 mm.

Our tall cabinets for fridge and freezer have a built-in height of 1840 mm and a built-in width of 560 mm. In our kitchen series Funkiskök Modul, the cabinet is widened to 640 mm with a built-in width of 600 mm to accommodate the fittings on the inside of the cabinet. If the cabinet doors are divided, the limitations are stated in the appliance's product description. In order for our kitchen cabinets to work with this type of appliance, the doors must be mounted with sliding rails, also called sliding doors. Models with door-on-door mounting do not work. Our cabinets for integrated fridge and freezer are ventilated at the base panel as well as in the back of the cabinet. Please read the manufacturer's installation guide carefully as it may differ from that of appliance suppliers.


Dimensions and requirements:
Dishwasher max height 870 mm.
Dishwasher width of 450 mm or 600 mm.
Height panel door 747 mm.
Height base board 120 mm.
We recommend slide rail by Flexifit.

We offer door panels for integrated dishwashers in both 450 mm and 600 mm width. Our Kitchen frames have a height of 870 mm, which is the maximum height for the installation dimensions of Dishwasher. The height of the dishwasher door panel itself is 747 mm. Make sure you really are sure that your choice of dishwasher can handle a panel of that height, as not all brands do. Information about this can be found in the product description of the dishwasher. We recommend dishwashers where the door is on a slide rail, also called Flexifit. This prevents the panel making contact with the base board when opened. Our base board is 120 mm high with thickness 20 mm and is placed 70 mm inside the frame, which gives 50 mm space at the front under the kitchen cabinet.


Built-in dimensions for oven:
Height: 600 mm.
Width 560 mm.

Our cabinets for built-in ovens have a built-in dimension, also called niche dimension, which is 600 mm high and 560 mm wide. This applies to both our base and tall cabinets for ovens. It is a standard measurement for a regular oven of about 60 – 75 liters offered by leading appliance suppliers. Be sure to refer to installation dimensions and not product dimensions when assessing if your appliances will fit. Cabinets for built-in ovens have ventilation in the back of the cabinet and base board.


Fan dimension requirements:
Max depth 290 mm.
Width of 560 mm or 760 mm depending on upper cabinet width.

Our upper cabinets are in total 315 mm deep. In these there is room for a built-in fan that is a maximum depth of 290 mm. The built-in width of our upper cabinets is 560 mm for a 600 mm wide cabinet and 760 mm for an 800 mm wide cabinet. Height matters less as it is possible to move shelves if necessary. We do not modify the cabinet for built-in fans but can be done by the installer on site.


Built-in dimensions, hob:
Max depth 580 mm.
Width, deptending on base cabinet, 560 mm or 760 mm.
Wider hobs require on-site cabinet fitting.
Height requirements determined by worktop thickness together with manufacturer's recommendations.

The depth of our worktop cabinets is 585 mm with an internal dimension of 580 mm, representing max installation depth. Most hobs require about 490 mm of niche dimensions. Depending on hob placement, you can adjust the width. In our 600 mm wide cabinets the maximum installation width is 560 mm and in our 800 mm wide base cabinets max installation width is 760 mm. You can choose to place the hob over the joint of two cabinets, but requires a little sawing and adaptation on site by the carpenter. Many hobs on the market have a limitation on the measurement from the top of the countertop to first drawer inside the cabinet. In our kitchen series Funkiskök Modern the distance from the top of the kitchen cabinet to the first drawer is only 25 mm. This dimension should be totalled with countertop thickness to then compare with the requirements of the hob. In our other kitchen series, the top cover is on the front of the kitchen cabinet 58 mm which, together with the countertop, gives at least 78 mm space for built-in heel. Please read your vendor's installation guide carefully before you Decide. Dimensions also vary depending on the choice of mounting in the countertop, flat-glued or overhead hob.


We do not have a kitchen cabinet specially designed for hob with fan. A good carpenter can modify the kitchen cabinet in place during installation. This type of product usually requries a lot of space in the cabinet underneath.