Our in-house developed cabinets reflect history while meeting today's modern requirements. Classic hinges together with modern drawer slide fittings create a perfect balance between new and old. This marriage of classic and modern adds complexity to the production process. We think it is important to preserve these classic crafts. Every step in our production is carried out by hand, by skilled carpenters, and everything is allowed to takes its time.

In order for our kitchens to reach the durability and standard that we require, each part to be painted undergoes a full six steps; Sanding, shellac, primer, additional sanding and water-based carpentry paint in two layers. Due to the alive and unique nature of wood, repetition of a step is sometimes required .

Each drawer in a cabinet must then be sawn, milled, sanded, glued, sanded again and then oiled. We use paraffin oil inside our cabinets to make the surface dirt and water resistant. Door and drawer fronts must be sawn, milled, drilled, sanded, primed, sanded again and spray-painted. All these steps are done by hand upon order from the customer. Shelves, cutlery fittings and panels are then fitted and assembled by our craftsmen with great accuracy.

These combined factors make each cabinet we produce unique. The materials used, and who has worked with a specific cabinet, both help determine the charachter of each cabinet. In our opinion, this gives our kitchens different personalities.

We hope our knowledge, love and work are both noticed and seen in each individual cabinet, and that you as a customer will have the opportunity to enjoy them for a long time to come!