We are resellers of Decosteel, a family business in Hyltebruk that manufactures stainless steel sinks and has done so since 1992. In the planners linked to below, you can sketch your sink and at the same time get a price picture with shipping. We help complete your order documents according to your measurements when it is time to place the order.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and much of what Decosteel uses comes from recycled materials. A stainless steel worktop will be polished with use. It will only get more beautiful with time, making it a durable product just like our kitchens. Stainless steel works with all colors, with all materials and it fits just as well in a modern kitchen as in an older one.


The DECOLIGHT planner is slightly more limited than that of Decodesign's, but even here there is great freedom of choice for you as a customer. You choose the length of your sink worktop down to the millimetre, between 200 and 3400 mm. Furthermore, you can choose between different depths, thicknesses, front edges and sinks. An extra plus is the shortened delivery time. The DECOLIGHT planner has fewer options with a limited number of variants to choose from. Normal production time is only 12 working days. When you have finished drawing, the recommended retail price is displayed including shipping and packaging.


DECODESIGN is for those customers who want to design their sink themselves – a fully customized solution. There are really no limits here but you can create a sink solution that is completely unique. Long or short, narrow or wide. Maybe an angled surface with rounded corners? Most things are possible! When you have finished drawing, the recommended consumer price including shipping and packaging is provided. We will then let your know how to place the order.


The worktop, or countertop, in a kitchen is perhaps the most important part of the kitchen. It must be able to withstand a lot of wear and handle water. At the same time, it should be beautiful and easy to care for. The worktop has a big aesthetic impact on your kitchen and is a costly part of your new kitchen. Therefore, make your selection with great care. Ask your nearest showroom if you want to know more about our range of worktops.