We deliver kitchens to the entire Nordic region and northern Europe. We work with transport companies that understand the importance of caution when transporting our kitchens. As the kitchens are delivered hand-painted and fully assembled, it is important that all handling is done as carefully as possible. The kitchen cabinets are loaded onto standard pallets and then wrapped with stretch plastic to hold them in place and to protect the painted surface.

Our customers always pay cost price for the transport of their kitchen. The transport cost varies depending on the size of the kitchen, choice of cabinets and geographical location. The cost of your particular transport is therefore calculated about 2 weeks before estimated delivery and added to the final invoice in order to get the most accurate price possible. In connection with this, an exact delivery date and time window is booked with the customer. Telephone notification always takes place approximately 1 hour before delivery.

The driver always comes alone and only helps to unload the pallets on level ground behind the truck. Carry-in is not included in our transports.

Read more in our Payment and Delivery Terms.

Below are examples of transport costs for a standard kitchen (approx. 15 cabinets) to the most common locations:

Stockholm c. 7 000 - 10 000 SEK
Göteborg c. 7 000 - 9 000 SEK
Malmö c. 3 000 - 5 000 SEK
Köpenhamn c. 6 000 - 8 000 SEK
Oslo c. 9 000 - 11 000 SEK
For deliveries outside Sweden, the shipping price is provided together with the order as it varies depending on the kitchen's size and distance to customer. Contact us for more information.