With a timeless design and sustainable material choices, we want to create kitchens that last for several generations. We build kitchens that are classic and can easily be renovated. Changing the look of our kitchens is made easy with changes to color and detail. Our solid wood kitchens are built in a modular system with fixed dimensions to reduce environmental footprint and streamline manufacturing and material waste.

Why the name Funkiskök?

Functionalism extends from the 30s all the way into the early 60s. An architecture that brought many revolutionary steps in modern construction for a growing population. The kitchens came to play a major role in this new thinking and for the first time proper research was done on accessibility and function in our kitchen environments. The first major kitchen factories saw the light of day. Many of these kitchens are still alive. 80 years and a number of different tenants have not managed to wear out kitchen fittings. Despite the 60's and 70's with their bold fashion swings in both color and form, these kitchens lived on. This is what we call quality and long-term sustainable solutions. It feels obvious for us to continue in this tradition of quality kitchen construction. With small adjustments and updates, we have further developed the Funkis cabinets and made them part of our production that we love.