Choosing the color of your kitchen is difficult. Do you have a large or small kitchen? Does a lot of light flow into it? Look around for inspiration and try to visualize. Keep in mind that bright colors are better suited in smaller kitchens and vice versa. Once you have found some colors you like try painting on larger sheets of paper in the kitchen room. What does the color look like in the morning light and evening light?

Our cabinets are delivered pre-painted. The frame is hand-painted with water-based carpentry paint, door and drawer fronts are spray painted. In our Original range we use gloss 40. In our kitchen ranges Modern and Modul we use a slightly duller gloss 20. In our Original range it is common for the frame to be painted in our standard white S 0500-N. You can specify any NCS colour on doors and drawer fronts. The inside of the frame and drawers is oiled with a clear paraffin oil. If you want two different colors on base cabinets and wall cabinets, there is an additional cost for this.

The cabinets can also be ordered completely untreated. If so, mention this prior to the final order. In order for our paint supplier to be able to mix your chosen color color, it is important that you choose a color that follows NCS color system. These usually go in full steps of five in the first section and whole steps of ten in the second section. Many color suppliers develop their own special colors that only they can mix. If the color code is for example S 0804-G88Y, then we can't provide it. The closest we can do in this case is S 0505-G90Y.

The paint used for the frame and the doors/drawer fronts are of different makes. The frame is hand painted in water-based varnish paint and doors/drawer fronts are spray-painted in acid varnish.

Taken together this can result in inconsistensies in how colors on each surface are experienced. In our kitchen ranges Modern and Modul, the frame and doors/drawer fronts are usually painted in the same colour. We take the paint from the same supplier to minimize these risks but we cannot completely rule out that sometimes there will be differences. If we already make the assessment in the carpentry shop that the differences are too great, we will try to remedy this. If the kitchen is already delivered, we have made the assessment that this is as close as we can get.


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