Choosing a color for your kitchen can be difficult. Seeing a color in a picture or on a screen can be completely different to seeing it in the room where the kitchen is to be placed. To make things easier for you we have selected our favorite colours that fit both small and large spaces. We always recommend testing a small area in the room to get the most accurate representation of the colour before ordering the kitchen.

Light blue
Dark beige
Light beige
Funkis green
Light Funkis green
Warm grey
Light grey
Light ocra
Warm white

In our Original series we use gloss 40. In the Modern and Modul kitchen series we use a slightly duller gloss 20.

In the Original kitchen series, it is common for frames to be painted in our standard white, while doors and door fronts are painted in a different colour. The inside of the frame/drawers is oiled with a clear paraffin oil and cannot be painted.

Our cabinets are delivered fully painted. The frame is hand-painted in water-based carpentry paint. Doors and drawer fronts are spray painted with an acid varnish with high resistance to grease and acids that are often found in kitchens. The different methods mean that there can sometimes be differences in the appearance of the color on the different surfaces, which is completely natural.

The cabinets can also be ordered completely untreated at a lower price. If this is the case mention this to us. If you want two different colors or a shade of your own choice in your kitchen, it can be provided at an additional cost.