78.000 kr


Our kitchen modules are manufactured at a carpentry shop in Skåne where we continuously work with streamlining the process from design to finished kitchen. For us, it's important to be able to deliver a craft of high quality without it having to cost the customer or the environment too much. We believe in local materials and artisans. In this way, we can also help reduce transportation emissions.

The price of our kitchens varies depending on the types of cabinets chosen, and how big the kitchen is. We do not price single cabinets, but rather employ a package price based on the price request we received. We think that's fairest for the customer.

Here are three price examples of different-sized kitchens. It's the same price for our three ranges, Original, Modern and Module. Please note that these are approximate prices, all kitchens are priced individually.

  • These prices include:
  • Complete hand-painted frames in solid pine
  • Spray-painted doors and drawer fronts in deep milled MDF*
  • Optional colour from the NCS range
  • Drawer hinges and slides
  • Hand-painted filler pieces, upper plinths and front baseboards
*n our Module range, you can opt for a untreated pine wood front, which will slightly lower the price.
104.000 kr
153.000 kr


Our proprietary cabinets adhere to traditional design traits while meeting today's modern requirements. Classic hinges coupled with modern drawer slides create a perfect balance between new and old. We think it's important to preserve these classic crafts. Every step of the our entire production is carried out by hand by our skilled carpenters.

In order for our kitchens to reach the sustainability level and standard we require each part is painted in a six-step process; Sanding, shellac, primer, additional sanding, and two layers of water-based carpentry paint. Sometimes repetition of a step is required as each piece of wood is unique and alive.

We hope our knowledge, love and work are both noticed and visible in all cabinets we deliver, and that you as a customer get the opportunity to enjoy them for a long time to come!


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