Here you will find our easy to use kitchen planner where you can make a sketch of your kitchen and receive a price quote from us within 2-5 days. The sketch does not have to be completely accurate, we will be happy to help you further once we receive it. Start by choosing one of our Modern, Original or Modular kitchen series. Once inside the planner, enter your measurements for the respective wall where you want to place the kitchen. Then just drag the cabinets you want into the sketch surface. You can find more information inside the pallaner under "Do you need help".
Please note that we have a minimum number of cabinets of about 8-10 required to be able to place an order. For smaller orders, we refer you to our online store Lilla Funkiskök.


Rita Original

Funkiskök Original is a kitchen with roots in the 30-50s. Cabinet doors and drawers are beveled and the frame is usually white.


Rita Modul

Modul is a kitchen interior suitable for both modern and traditional architecture. A light and stripped-down expression with doors and drawers come to life with the frame.


Rita Modern

The Modern kitchen range is a timeless kitchen interior with clear origins in our ORIGINAL modules.