Svenska Funkiskök manufactures kitchens in solid wood with the ambition that they will last for several generations. We want to change the view that kitchens should be replaced because they are outdated and advocate instead building kitchens that are timeless and can be easily renovated and changed in appearance with the help of color and details. In order to build sustainable kitchens, at Funkiskök we place high demands on our raw material suppliers and partners. We purchase all wood material for our kitchens via FSC- and PEFC-marked suppliers.

Frame: Manufactured in 20 mm solid pine with glue joints. All material in our frames has E1 marking according to the standard "Wood-based panels for use in construction - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking" SS-EN 13986:2004+A1:2015 or an equivalent standard.

Plinth/Kickboard: The plinth is 120 mm high and is made of pine and is sent with the kitchen in lengths of 2 m which are cut and assembled on site.

Filler panels: Made from pine and sent with the kitchen in fixed widths and cut to size on site.

Cover panels: As the cabinets are made of solid wood, cover panels are not needed in our kitchens. If the cabinet has a visible side towards the room, this is marked in the kithen planner and we then paint the visible side and let it go all the way to the floor without mounting adjustable feet. We only use cover panels for dishwasher cabinets with an exposed side, if you want to frame a free-standing fridge/freezer, or by request. Cover panels are manufactured from deep-milled MDF.

Doors: The doors and drawer fronts are manufactured from Nordic Eco-labelled deep-milled MDF. For dishwasher doors, covers and sink cabinets, we use moisture-resistant MDF with CARB2 labeling for a non-toxic indoor environment.

If you choose pure wood shutters in the Modul series, they are manufactured from pine veneered pine slats which consist of a 5-ply construction with a densely glued core of pine and two turned surface veneers of pine.

Shelves: Made of solid pine and fastened with support strips of the same material.

Drawers: Drawers are manufactured in 15 mm solid pine with a 7 mm plywood bottom. The doors and drawer fronts are manufactured from Nordic Eco-labelled 19 mm deep milled MDF. All drawers run on Blum's cushioned full-extension rails of the highest quality, which can withstand a weight of 40 kg.

Cutlery organisers: Made of 15 mm solid pine and is permanently mounted in the drawer.

Colours: Our frames are hand-painted with a water-based carpentry paint intended for professionals. For consumers, Jotun's carpentry paints are fine to use. In our Original series, we use gloss 40. In our Modern and Modul kitchen series, we use a slightly duller gloss 20. On the frames, a shellac is used over knots to prevent bleeding through.
The doors are spray-painted with an acid-hardening varnish that can withstand the liquids they easily come into contact with in a kitchen, such as grease, acids and alcohol.

Interiors: The inside of cabinets and drawers are treated with paraffin oil before delivery. It keeps the wood resistant to dirt and extends its life. Paraffin oil is completely odorless and safe to use with food.

Cutting board: Made from beech veneer on a pine core. Treated with paraffin oil before delivery.

Handles: The only handles that are delivered assembled are the classic Tikka fittings and associated handles for drawers in our Original series.

Hinges: In Modern and Original, the doors are mounted on classic folded, nickel-plated hinges. A snap lock is used to hold the door in place. The Modul series uses modern, cushioned, self-closing concealed hinges from Blum.

Plinths/cabinet feet: Cabinets stand on adjustable feet that are 20 mm tall. These are sent with the kitchen and assembled on site. The frame is 850 mm high without the adjustable feet. If a cabinet has a visible side, that side will be 20 mm higher (870mm), and the frame then goes all the way down and meets the floor without adjustable feet mounted.

Visible side where the frame goes all the way down to the floor.
Painted frame with mounted adjustable feet.