Until the end of the 1950s, most kitchens were made of solid frames. During the 60s, however, it started to become more common for the larger manufacturers to replace the solid wood in the frames with a framework of joists that was clad in masonite. It was both cheaper and reduced weight. More lavish kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts were veneered with teak, which gave an exclusive impression. Many of these kitchens are still standing today, but can often be complicated to dismantle in one piece during plumbing replacements.

In this project, we were asked if we could deliver a number of kitchens with relatively short notice. Over a period of a major water leak in a property from the 60's had unfortunately caused so much damage that the old the kitchens could not be saved. However, some sinks were in such good condition that they could be reused.

Together with the client, we produced drawings with modules from our standard range and the end result was updated, fresh kitchens with a clear connection to the old kitchens and with a solid feel.

  • Klassiskt L-format kök

    Classic L-shaped kitchen with a good work surface between sink and stove. In the picture a 45 cm dishwasher, but there is room to increase to a 60 cm wide one in the future.

  • Inbyggd känsla på kyl och frys.

    With the help of cover sides, a built-in feeling is created for the fridge and freezer.

  • Kyl och frys

    In the cabinets above a fridge and freezer, the shelf is only 2/3 deep so you can store taller things in front.

  • Kök, underskåpen går i L-form

    The base cabinets are in an L-shape, but the upper cabinets are only on one wall. It creates an airy and open feeling in the corner.

  • The corner base cabinet creates a lot of space for storage. The handles are new but of the same type as the old Stil 555 model in chrome with a plastic washer behind it.

  • Insidan av köksskåpen är behandlade med paraffinolja

    The inside of the cabinets are treated with paraffin oil, which increases resistance to dirt and stains. Easy to sand with sandpaper and oil again if it should a major discoloration may occur.

  • Hyresgästerna fick välja mellan vitt eller grönt kök, samt ljus eller mörk bänkskiva.

    Tenants could choose between a white or green kitchen, as well as a light or dark countertop.